Reham Kahlout: Gaza’s Only Female Comedian

At 19, Reham Kahlout holds the title of Gaza’s first and only female comedian. She began acting when she was 16 years old, first at school and eventually in the YouTube comedy show Bas Ya Zalameh (Stop it, man!). The show, which started on YouTube in 2012 and is still going strong with over 97,000 subscribers, pokes fun at daily life in Gaza and showcases Palestinian humor through satirical sketches.

Palestinian comedians in Gaza find it difficult to tour due to travel restrictions, and women in particular face societal pressure to shy away from comedic roles. Yet Kahlout is not deterred, continuing to reach audiences both at home and abroad through social media sites. “Through my participation in comedy roles, I am trying to encourage talented girls to act and break with the societal barriers,” she says. “Freedom of choice and initiative cannot be monopolized by men.”

An interview with Reham Kahlout is available here.

Gaza's only female comedian faces challenges


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