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Running for a Reason

Mina Guli has taken an unusual approach to international advocacy. In order to raise awareness for the United Nations' sustainable development goal of providing clean water and sanitation, she set out on the aptly-named "Six-River Run." The Six-River Run involved running 40 marathons in 40 days in order to bring attention to the fact that by 2030 there will be a 40% deficit between the demand for water and the supply available.

Though she admits that she "doesn't actually like running," Guli pushed through in order to promote the clean water cause. According to the UN News Centre, "The Six-River Run lasted six weeks and saw Ms. Guli running along the banks of the Colorado River in the Southwestern United States, the Amazon River in Brazil, the Nile in Egypt, the Murray River in her homeland, Australia, the Yangtze River in China, in addition to Thames in the United Kingdom."

For more information about Mina Guli's journey, check out the article and podcast on the UN News Centre website.

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