Sports Diplomacy from A to Z

Mega events such as the Olympic Games and World Cup present unique opportunities for sports diplomacy on a global stage. But they're not the only vehicles for sports-related international exchange with meaningful and lasting impact. Check out CPD's coverage of all things athletic, from American Football to Indian Yoga and more.

American Football





  • Cricket Diplomacy and the World Cup by Paul Rockower. According to the author, "In the subcontinent, there is really only one religion that unites India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: cricket."
  • Cricket Diplomacy and Pakistan by Paul Rockower. "Amid the debates about American aid to Pakistan, and the public diplomacy attempts to gain Pakistani 'hearts and minds,' there is one measure which would gain Pakistani support: Cricket Diplomacy," said one APDS blogger.


Dragon Boating


Mixed Martial Arts

Olympic Games


  • Running for a Reason. Check out this interview with Mina Guli became an advocate for the UN's sustainable development goals by running 40 marathons in 40 days.
  • The Spirit of India Run by Navdeep Suri. A discussion of the public diplomacy impact of a cross-India run.


  • U.S.-Cuban Skateboard Diplomacy. Watch American skateboarders from Cuba Skate bridge U.S.-Cuban foreign relations with skateboard diplomacy, empowering Cuban youth and facilitating diplomatic reconciliation between the two nations.
  • The Role of Non-State Actors in Sports Diplomacy by Neftalie Williams. CPD Photo Essay: Skateboarders from the United States and Brazil forge meaningful ties around a half-pipe in São Paulo.




  • New Article on Yoga Diplomacy. Peter Martin's contribution to Foreign Affairs on how the Modi Administration is strategically using India's intellectuals, emigrants, and yogis to enhance the country's soft power.
  • Yoga as Indian Soft Power by Sonali Singh. Is India taking full advantage of yoga's soft power potential?



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