What's "In the Works" for Robert Hernandez?

CPD Faculty Fellow Robert Hernandez is associate professor of professional practice at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and founder of JOVRNALISM, an immersive journalism storytelling platform utilizing 360-degree video and other emerging virtual reality (VR) technologies.

This year, Hernandez partnered with CPD to launch CPD 360, an initiative exploring the opportunities VR presents for the future of public diplomacy storytelling. The collaboration has thus far garnered national media coverage of the team's immersive storytelling about sports diplomacy at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. More recently, CPD/JOVRNALISM traveled to "Broadway's Secret Laboratory" in NYC for a 360-degree sneak peek of rehearsals for "Soft Power," a new East-meets-West musical theater production from David Henry Hwang.

In July, Hernandez will return to the CPD Summer Institute to teach "Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling for Public Diplomacy," the second year this course is offered in CPD's signature professional training program.

Currently, Hernandez is wrapping up Documenting the Life of the Deported, a partnership with KCRW and nonprofit Al Otro Lado that equipped USC Annenberg students with 360-degree video technology to tell immersive stories about migrants' journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Stories from this project were published by NPR and Al Jazeera English.

"In the Works" for Robert Hernandez are storytelling projects using Videogrammetry and Photogrammetry, both quickly evolving technologies that use regular videos and photos to generate 3D models (aka holograms) for Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Hernandez and his students first experimented with this technology during fall 2017 with "Johnnie's House," where viewers can virtually "walk through this door" into another neighborhood to experience the storyteller's memory. This fall, Hernandez will explore with his students how to use this technology to tell stories of and about the homeless.

Other recent relevant activities includes:


To learn more about Hernandez's work with immersive storytelling, visit JOVRNALISM.

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