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Abu Dhabi: Many foreigners know India through stars in Bollywood films and famous Indian artists. That’s why art and culture make a far more lasting impact on relations [between nations and peoples] than that of diplomacy, a top Indian diplomat told Gulf News. India House, the Indian Ambassador’s residence in Abu Dhabi, will be hosting art exhibitions of both Indian and Emirati artists more often, T. P. Seetharam, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, said.

Etihad Airways, a fast-growing Mideast carrier, laid out plans Sunday to offer passengers who find first-class seats a bit too tight a miniature suite featuring a closed-off bedroom, private bathroom and a dedicated butler. It’s just the latest push by airlines worldwide to attract high-spending customers.

Most outsiders know the United Arab Emirates from Dubai’s accomplishments in international commerce, tourism, and indoor skiing. What is less known is that Abu Dhabi is investing a great deal of money in education, medicine, art, and music as a new kind of cultural diplomacy.

As the year comes to an end, it is only natural to ask what might lie ahead. But, instead of asking what may lie ahead in 2014, let us jump to mid-century. What will governance look like in 2050? That is what the World Economic Forum (WEF) asked at a recent meeting in Abu Dhabi that focused on the future of governance under three potential scenarios arising from the ongoing information revolution. With that revolution already marginalizing some countries and communities – and creating new opportunities for others – the question could hardly be more timely.

The aim of the visit was to share ADEC’s knowledge and expertise related to development of education, student assessment strategies, means of strengthening mutual cooperation, exam development, printing, marking and reports, professional development programmes and means of motivating qualified teachers.

Where are the Emiratis living in tents? This is the question I have heard numerous times from visiting journalists. So at the end of the Emirates' international branding efforts and countless projects that have received international recognition, we are still struggling to educate the world on how far we have come as a nation and as a society.

A long-delayed project to build three colossal museums on an arid Persian Gulf island will be finished by 2017, officials say, realizing the designs of some of the world’s leading architects while underlining the ambitions of this city to emerge as a global capital.

Abu Dhabi raised its environmental profile even higher on the world stage yesterday with landmark announcements on water resources and carbon capture and storage...Influential international experts will discuss how water resources can be used more efficiently...