Nations and Jewish communities around the globe are set to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday with ceremonies and memorials coinciding with the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

A Gwich'in woman is using social media to get people speaking one of the most endangered languages in Canada. Although nearly 10,000 Gwich'in people live in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska, a United Nations study estimates just a few hundred fluent speakers of the Gwich'in language are left.

Some migrants to Britain who cannot pass an English test within 2-1/2 years of arriving may not be allowed to stay, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday in a move aimed at fostering greater integration by Muslim women.

The Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park will present a weekend of thought-provoking films at the sixth annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival from Jan. 21 to 24. [...] the festival will include five films and a special presentation that focus on the power of film to make a difference. 

People start bands for all kinds of reasons, but most of those reasons fall under the general heading of “I have musical desire/skill/wherewithal and time to kill/a rehearsal space/likeminded friends.” Such reasoning generally does not include considering what music the world needs to hear, and tends to be focused squarely on more self-serving considerations.

A South Korean civic group said Tuesday it has opened a new Internet site on how to groom civilians, especially young students, to widen their reach on and awareness of social networking services, as part of its push for digital diplomacy.

The facility will provide leadership training, with programs on public diplomacy and pro-Israel advocacy, officials say, equipping young Jews in a fight against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. The movement, launched by Palestinians a decade ago, calls for greater Palestinian rights.

A private, low-profile ‘public diplomacy’ outfit is setting out to train ‘Secret Hasbara Agents.’ But don’t worry, it’s not propaganda. A private Israeli hasbara – or “public diplomacy” – organization on Wednesday put out one of the weirdest responses yet to the incitement campaign by far-right group Im Tirzu of two weeks ago.