The executive director, Isis-Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange (Isis-WICCE), Helen Kezie-Nwoha has called on African governments to put mechanisms in place to be able to address the challenge of refugees at home. Her call follows concerns over a number of European countries that have started rejecting refugees.

What can cities do to create their own foreign policy? The first article laid out four steps a foreign ministry might take to help cities engage on global challenges: supporting city-based networks, helping to deploy civic technology, working with counterpart ministries abroad to encourage vertical policy integration, and convening the global community to build momentum behind significant and widespread municipal challenges

People in the country are not too familiar with these words, but to make it easy for our readers, the above-mentioned words are French. Promoting the French language in the country is an organisation called the Alliance Française de Suva. French is the official language of 44 countries. While in Fiji that might not be the case, the language and its influence are slowly starting to make their mark on the people.

The much-lauded ‘Responsible Tourism’ (RT) initiatives have won further recognition with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) describing them as a model for other tourist destinations across the world. The international tourism organisation also called for development of closer ties between Kerala Tourism and the UNWTO, emphasising the importance of further association to help take forward the message of sustainable tourism.

The ACLU is America’s non-partisan guardian of liberty, working tirelessly since 1920 to defend the country’s original civic values, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have no political affiliation or ideological component to their mission. Today they’re defending innocent refugee and immigrant families impacted by the recent executive orders—tomorrow they could be defending you, because they are committed to defending all of us.

President Trump's hard-to-swallow travel ban has sparked a new series of local culinary tours and restaurant maps showcasing food from the seven affected countries. The new offerings were cooked up by a collective of fund-raising foodies who came together last weekend and named themselves Breaking Bread NYC.

Budweiser has released an ad that will air during this Sunday's 2017 Super Bowl that nods to the heated debate over immigration. The television commercial shows the dramatized journey of a German man that results in the creation of the Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) company that owns the Budweiser beer brand.

On Monday night, acting Attorney General Sally Yates did what so many (male) figures in the U.S. government have been unwilling to do: push back on a potentially unconstitutional executive order. She was quickly relieved of her duties, but her actions made a powerful statement, hopefully paving the way for more acts of resistance at the federal level.