The University of Arkansas hosted more than 60 U.S. Department of State-sponsored Fulbright Program participants from Afghanistan as part of a Fulbright Enrichment Seminar last week. The program helped increase their knowledge of U.S. academic life, culture and history.

In 1972, a young Geography professor named Christian Jung started the only U.S.-based research center for the study of Afghanistan at the university in Omaha. [...] A few years later, after graduate school in Indiana and a return to Afghanistan under a Fullbright fellowship, Gouttierre took up basketball coaching again for Kabul University. 

The inaugural Lincoln Center Global Exchange in New York on Friday brought together international leaders, stars and guest speakers including Barry Diller, chairman of IAC, parent company of The Daily Beast—explored "how art and culture can become even more effective in fostering healthy citizens, vibrant cities and strong communities.”

India remains an integral part of Afghanistan’s steady progress in institutionalizing peace, pluralism, and prosperity. Ties between Afghanistan and India go beyond the traditionally strong relations at the government level. [...] Moreover, in an effort to further solidify ties between Afghans and Indians, the Afghan Embassy in Delhi has initiated the creation of sister-city relations between major Indian cities and states and their Afghan counterparts. 

Activists in Afghanistan have called on international donors not to neglect women’s rights when they meet with the government in Kabul this weekend to reaffirm their commitments to peace and development.

Afghanistan has summoned Pakistan's ambassador to explain fighting between the two countries' security forces that killed up to eight Afghan border police, the latest blow in ties that took a plunge this month during a surging Taliban offensive. Pakistan has condemned the recent attacks and blamed "spoilers and detractors" for trying to create mistrust between the two countries.

An Afghan delegation has travelled to Islamabad in the latest bid to start peace talks with the Taliban, officials said on Tuesday, though there was no confirmation the militants would take part.