american diplomats

The Foreign Service, our country’s irreplaceable asset for understanding and interacting with a complex and dangerous world, is facing perhaps its greatest crisis. President Trump’s draconian budget cuts for the State Department and his dismissive attitude toward our diplomats and diplomacy itself threaten to dismantle a great foreign service just when we need it most.

American soft power - a facet of foreign relations that relies on attraction rather than coercion - has been severely damaged, and this will have a devastating effect on the role of the United States in the world. Even when their country was engaged in foreign misadventures such as the Iraq War, the American people remained widely admired for their freedom, imagination, and ingenuity. 

King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aids began distributing 30,000 baskets of food supplies to needy families in the Hudaydah province in Yemen. It's expected for this aid to help 180,000 people in need. The number of beneficiaries from the center's food programs in the province until the month of October will thus reach 400,000. The food programs have been implemented by a group of local and international partners. 

The programs taught mothers, fathers and others in the family with child-rearing responsibilities the importance of good nutrition, and how to better care for their children. USAID partners mentored families to ensure more frequent health clinic visits, helped them access healthy food through temporary food transfers, and provided cooking demonstrations to expand use of locally available nutritious foods.