American public diplomacy

The real story of America’s long-standing effort to promote diversity and tolerance at home serves both as a cautionary tale of struggle, and a source of inspiration. 

CPD Research Fellow Kyle A. Long explores how institutions of higher education help the U.S. gain competitive advantage and advance mutual understanding.

CPD Research Fellow Dmitry Chernobrov explores how states and proxy actors use humor as part of their public diplomacy. 

Image of the book The World is Our Stage: The Rhetorical Presidency and the Cold War with blue background

Prasch's book on the rhetorical presidency and the Cold War is enjoyable and fresh in its approach, writes Nick Cull.

Cultural Vistas' Courtney Nelson advocates for this effective form of PD.

Boren Scholar and USC alum Kendal Gee discusses her experiences in Senegal.

The three public diplomacy initiatives that could help mend U.S.-Mexico's long-suffering binational relations