Germany’s largest cable operator Kabel Deutschland is make BBC World News available for free to subscribers across major parts of Germany. The channel will now be available in more than 35 million households across Germany. Kabel Deutschland operates cable networks in 13 German federal states and supplies its services to approximately 8.5 million households.

The Global Audience Estimate (GAE) measures the combined reach of the BBC's international services - BBC World Service, BBC World News and - across the world.
There has been significant growth in audiences for BBC digital sites, which now reach 38m people every week, an increase of 8m.

The BBC's aim to broadcast in North Korea for the first time has been curbed by government cuts to its budget, the corporation's director of global news has said. Peter Horrocks said airing programmes in the secretive state is still on his "wish list" but is unlikely to happen in the next year, following the £2.2m annual budget cut announced by William Hague earlier this month.

The BBC's criticism comes as millions of Iranians are preparing to vote in the Friday poll. Six candidates are vying for the job, with momentum recently building around moderate cleric Hassan Rowhani. But he faces a tough challenge from hardline candidates like top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili and Tehran mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.

People's opinions of the UK have improved markedly since 2012. That suggestion is based on a BBC World Service survey of more than 26,000 global citizens, whose positive views pushed the UK into third place, behind Germany and Canada.

It will be the first of the BBC's news channels to air from New Broadcasting House, the corporation's central London headquarters extensively refurbished at a cost of £1bn, and will feature new presenters including Jon Sopel in a new show and Afghanistan-born Australian Yalda Hakim.

BBC Television tonight will cover U.S. election returns in a live evening-long broadcast – in Britain as well as in the U.S. “Europeans are far more interested in the U.S. than the U.S. is interested in any other country,” explained Dick Meyer, the BBC executive producer guiding the coverage, speaking at a USC forum here yesterday.

The British Broadcasting Corp. says someone is deliberately disrupting its broadcasts in the Middle East and Europe -- interference that follows previous accusations that Iran has attempted to jam the broadcaster's transmissions.