bilateral trade

Cultural exchanges are flourishing, with theater, classical and popular music groups, as well as dance troupes, bringing their art to audiences in both countries, and piano master-classes being held for young Israeli and Chinese children, further cementing the friendship.

Faiza A. el-Naga noted that the recent Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Delegation’s visit to Cairo was a complete success. Faiza Abou el-Naga further suggested both countries needed to tap more potential areas of cooperation incuding investment and trade.

Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng urged Japanese commerce department on Saturday to work together with its Chinese counterpart to stabilize, consolidate and promote bilateral trade cooperation following the two countries' agreement to improve relations.

The European Union (EU) has invested €4.6million to establish six EU Centres across Australia and New Zealand for the 2014-2016 period. The EU Centres, co-funded by their host universities, include a wide variety of partners from all sectors of the community. "This is the largest public outreach program for the EU in Australia and New Zealand and expands the existing network from four to six centres", said EU Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, Mr Sem Fabrizi.