As everyone knows, BP is enveloped in a massive environmental and PR disaster, which is doing serious damage to its reputation, not only in the US but across the world. But by relentlessly kicking the firm while it’s down, in what appears to be increasingly brutal and vindictive fashion, the Obama White House is generating significant animosity in a nation that is traditionally pro-American.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill risked turning into a trans-Atlantic diplomatic rift Thursday after U.S. threats to have BP fork out billions more for the disaster caused a precipitous slide in the blue-chip's stock, hurting retirement savings for millions of Britons.

If further proof were needed that the Labour Party has all but abandoned the Special Relationship, look no further than their new manifesto, which doesn't even mention the partnership with America, except for a brief throwaway reference to a "false choice" between the US and Europe.

In an attempt to reach to more people in India, British High Commission today launched it's Hindi website hoping that this will bring a transformational change in the relations between both the countries.

The special relationship, a special relationship, or just the normal kind of relationship you would expect between allies? That is the question posed by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in its report on Anglo-American ties published yesterday.

The discovery of fragments of ancient cuneiform tablets – hidden in a British Museum storeroom since 1881 – has sparked a diplomatic row between the UK and Iran. In dispute is a proposed loan of the Cyrus cylinder, one of the most important objects in the museum's collection, and regarded by some historians as the world's first human rights charter.