Have sex to save the country. That's essentially the meaning of the "Do It For Denmark" campaign sponsored by travel company Spies Rejser. One of the ads (seen above) frets that Denmark's birthrate is not looking so hot these days and is at its lowest level in decades. 

These are exciting days for those of us who teach and practice public diplomacy. Aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relationships between governments (as well as non-governmental organizations) and citizens of foreign nations, our field is viewed as transformative by some, while somewhat idealistic by others.

How are sectarian politics affecting the lives of those in Lebanon? After a series of bombings fuelled by sectarian tensions, citizens have taken to social media, using the hashtag #NotAMartyr to express their frustration with Lebanon’s fragile state of security and politics. We'll continue that conversation and hear what some citizens have to say about shaping their nation’s future.

Dalit Camera, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to India's Dalits (formerly untouchables), has become a rallying point for the community, reports Vanya Mehta. "I believe that the protests in Delhi over the gang rape of a student have no other political significance than a mere middle class fury," feminist and Dalit activist Rekha Raj says, standing with a microphone in the city of Kottayam in the southern state of Kerala.

The grassroots campaign to break Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers isn’t set to start until Oct. 26. But a lot of women aren’t willing to wait that long. They’ve already recorded themselves getting behind the wheel in major Saudi cities. And although a few were stopped by police, many more have been inspired to take to the streets. Support has poured in from all over the world, and they now have an official song for their campaign.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people are living with HIV in South Sudan, but only about 4,678 people access anti-retroviral therapy (ARTs). For people living with HIV, contracting TB adds to their challenges, as health services and treatment are limited. Moreover, with both HIV and TB heavily stigmatized, those affected are often reluctant to seek treatment, even where it is available.

...that task fell to none other than British Prime Minister David Cameron, who, in September 2011, launched a “Britain is GREAT” promotional campaign. Coordinated by multiple government departments and foreign consulates, with events in 17 cities worldwide, the £37 million image project is designed to use the Games to jumpstart tourism and increase inward investment and job opportunities in the UK.

Cilliers said after the election that Dlamini-Zuma’s candidacy for the AU seat was pursued with such valour in order to facilitate South Africa’s greater campaign for permanent representation on the UN Security Council. “The South African campaign for a permanent seat on the Security Council is particularly important to (DIRCO) Minister Maite Nkonae-Mashabane,” he explained.