citizen diplomacy

Imagine handing your Twitter account over to a stranger. Now imagine a country handing over its Twitter feed to a citizen. Crowdsourcing digital communications has reached a new level as @Sweden hands over the official Swedish Twitter account to one of its citizens for a week.

December 18, 2011

The video project was voluntary and the students had to raise the funds to see it through. The Israeli Student Union offered advice on logistics. "We discovered a huge potential for improving Israel's public diplomacy efforts around the world through this creative and groundbreaking project," said Maayan Friedland, a Student Union spokesperson.

In the case of a decades-long conflict between India and Pakistan, citizen diplomacy has the potential to counter a negative way of thinking about each other through people to people interaction. The Indian and Pakistani governments can help create a better environment for future official relations by supporting the unofficial citizen diplomacy already occurring.

Former U.S. track star Marion Jones is telling children in Croatia to think hard about making big decisions, saying she wished she had done so"..."Jones' appearances were part of "our embassies' public diplomacy outreach to the Croatian and Serbian people.

Our research will assess the role of each of these actors: public, private, and nonprofit, as well as media and academia—and seeks to understand how they create the public diplomacy ecosystem in India. We will survey a wide range of ‘diplomacies’—from cultural to economic...

With his fluent English and French, strong Zionist education and traditional Jewish background...Jeremy Dery is the sort of person it’s good to have in Israel’s corner. So now he is living in Tel Aviv and has become involved in several help Israel’s image... or to help new immigrants.