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TV 25 is one of 16 new channels launched since Mubarak's fall. Several new radio stations and newspapers have also taken advantage of the eased security restrictions governing new media licenses.TV 25 reports live out of Tahrir Square daily, often taking viewers inside protesters' tents. Social media — which many credit for helping to launch Egypt's revolution - is a major part of their programming.

Speaking at an international gathering here to discuss the five-month-old conflict in Libya, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that the United States would join more than 30 countries in extending diplomatic recognition to the main opposition group..

Cairo’s Tahrir Square is beginning to look and feel like it did last winter when hundreds of thousands of Egyptians protested, camped and fought for 18 days to topple President Hosni Mubarak. Activists have returned to the now-fabled square with banners and anthems in hopes of reigniting the passions of a revolution that stunned the Arab world.

While rap has provided the gritty sound track to popular uprisings roiling some of the Middle East's most entrenched dictatorships, in Syria it has largely supported the status quo. That picture is one the Syrian government is keen to portray: that protesters who have taken to the streets...have either been duped or are active participants in a foreign conspiracy aimed at punishing Syria for its politics.

From graffiti to YouTube videos, the Shubbak festival brings the energy and unpredictability of the Arab spring to London. Shubbak is an opportunity to sample the energy and unpredictability of one of the most dramatic moments in Arab history. The artworks here capture the rush and openness of Egypt now, the sense of possibility and an unfinished story.

It is absolutely clear that the Syrian government is running out of time. They are either going to allow a serious political process...and engage in a productive dialogue with members of the opposition and civil society, or they're going to continue to see increasingly organized resistance,

The fact that the Syrian authorities have given the green light for leading opposition figures to meet openly may be unprecedented, but it is not the sign of progress that many might hope for...the conference appears to be nothing more than part of a public relations exercise by a regime that is intent on showing the world it is serious about reform, but without actually being serious.

This week’s NexGen IT Entrepreneurs Boot Camp is a five-day training event in Cairo to help budding Internet technology businesses. It is part of a broader American initiative to help develop Egypt's economy, particularly in the wake of the Feb. 11 revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak.