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We have fallen behind Shenzhen in innovation and technology, but we can close the gap by excelling in arts and culture, given our rich cultural heritage and talent, and creative youth. [...] To enhance our position as an arts hub and foster international exchange, the Hong Kong Palace Museum at West Kowloon can be a strong platform. It will exhibit many of China’s most precious historic artifacts, and tourists and connoisseurs will not have to travel to Beijing to view these treasures.

European cultural heritage: ties that bind

How the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 can help strengthen the E.U. and reaffirm the European identity.

Amongst 1.4 million artifacts and cultural relics meticulously being preserve in the National Museum of China located a stone throwaway from the famous Tiananmen Square in Beijing, are about 340,000 were gathered from Sub-Sahara Africa. By 2015, 7.6 million people had visited the National Museum of China in Beijing to see cultural relics and artifacts from Sub Sahara Africa.

This ongoing humanitarian crisis is also a crisis of cultural heritage [...] Amid such senseless destruction and despair, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto has launched an encouraging and thought-provoking exhibition, Syria: A Living History, celebrating Syria’s “cultural diversity, historical continuity, resourcefulness, and resilience.”

The French have charcuterie, the Spanish embutidos and the Italians affettati misti. But we don’t yet seem to have a name for a uniquely Irish selection of cured meats. That might have to change, as there has been a big increase in interest in producing salami and air-dried meats here.

The famed American Museum of Natural History opens an exhibition this fall that its scientists say breaks new ground on multiple fronts. [...] In keeping with the newly relaxed relations between the United States and Cuba, scientists from both countries have broken through more than a half-century of restrictions in place since the Cold War.

He plans on working in partnership with the private sector in creating a geopark that encompasses a marine protected area. [...] there’s hope that it may be recognized as a global geopark by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). [...] Ly Son Island is considered a living museum for Hoang Sa artifacts. The museum displays more than 1,000 documents, photos, and artifacts associated with the heroic Hoang Sa and Truong Sa troops.

In February of last year, Islamic State militants stormed the Mosul Museum in Iraq with drills and sledgehammers in hand. [...] Fourteen months later and 5,800 miles away, that lion was resurrected for an evening in a seventh-floor gallery at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. It wasn’t the only destroyed artifact from the Mosul Museum on display