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The three public diplomacy initiatives that could help mend U.S.-Mexico's long-suffering binational relations

What can we expect from The Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDNet) following its fifth General Assembly?

Kathy Artus challenges us to engage in conversation with international visitors as a form of public diplomacy.

June 24, 2016

Headlines traveled the globe in myriad public diplomacy exchanges programs. 

Aoury and her friends came to Cuba on a cultural exchange program because it is still illegal for Americans to visit Cuba solely as tourists, and the U.S. maintains the trade embargo on Cuba that has been in place since 1960.

Thanks to the internet, tailor-made travel has never been easier: if you’ve dreamt of staying in a Super Mario-themed apartment, you can book one on Airbnb; if it’s a ride with a local you’re after, you can grab one on Uber. And when it comes to spending time with locals in their own homes [...] BonAppetour, the company serves as a platform that connects tourists with locals, who come together around the “home dining” concept.