cultural exchange

Castro said that past presidents including George W. Bush have understood the value of economic and cultural exchange between the U.S. and Mexico. But Trump isn’t like past presidents. "Of course, there was a phone call recently between President Trump and President Pena-Nieto," Castro said. "That was not encouraging. My hope is that the president will surround himself with good people that understand the relationship.

The event opened the door for other U.S. sports and cultural exchanges, too. “In the past, wrestling has played an important role in diplomacy,” Bender said. “This looks like a setback for sure. But it doesn’t necessarily impact our relationship with the Iranian wrestling federation.”

President Trump's hard-to-swallow travel ban has sparked a new series of local culinary tours and restaurant maps showcasing food from the seven affected countries. The new offerings were cooked up by a collective of fund-raising foodies who came together last weekend and named themselves Breaking Bread NYC.

The exhibition not only gives a picture of the sociocultural development of Japan spread over centuries but also exhibits the aesthetic features of Japanese printing technology. The calendars reflect images from Japanese traditional and contemporary arts, sports, automobiles, nature and architecture in addition to showcasing a vibrant depiction of Japanese heritage and cultural identity. 

The Cultural Exchange Programme, which is an annual initiative of the Youth Empowerment for Life (YEfL), a Tamale-based non-governmental organisation, and the Ghana Friendship of Denmark, is aimed at affording young people opportunity to learn and share various cultural perspectives.

A unique exchange programme that will connect Abu Dhabi schools with thousands of children from across the world was announced on Monday. The 'One School One Country' programme is part of WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, the biggest vocational skills competition coming to the emirate in October this year.

Among the initiatives is a collaboration with KulturLeben Berlin in order to promote the participation of the socially disadvantaged in the cultural life of the city. Tickets for films screening as part of the festival will be available to people with low incomes at a 50% discount. In an effort to show its appreciation for their engagement and to promote cultural exchange, the Berlinale has asked volunteers from the city’s non-profit refugee aid organizations to register as mentors and accompany refugees to the screenings.