cultural tourism

Guangzhou Juyi Exhibition Company and Asian Heritage Museum Group have signed a joint-venture agreement on strategic cooperation in exhibition and trade in Malaysia for cultural relics or artefacts from China.

After years of negligence and a lack of serious preservation efforts, the historic buildings and facades of Lahore’s old city are being rescued from further deterioration […] The Walled City of Lahore initiative has helped promote cultural activities and tourism in the city. The initiative allows visitors, both local and foreign, to get acquainted with the history, architecture, lifestyle, and community of old Lahore.

The Chief promoter of Olokun Festival Foundation, Otunba Gani Adams said: “I must confess that this is the first heart cheering and soul lifting policy statement concerning cultural tourism which ever emanated from this government and communicated to the people via a cultural event [...]  It seems there is now a clear vision and direction for cultural tourism promotion of Nigeria not only as an entertainment factor but as an employment generating machine, wealth mobilizer and poverty extinguisher.