How is democracy promoted around the world? What techniques are successful? Established state democracies are by no means the only inspiration for democracy or for good governance; these ideas can find inspiration in other cultures and societies, such as Myanmar.

During a meeting with the visiting group on Sunday, Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid praised relations between Germany and Sudan and pointed to the important role of public diplomacy to strengthening these relations.

Serbian people, like their political leaders, seem to be in two minds about the world and their place in it. According to a recent poll, 42 percent of young people in Serbia would like to see the Russian political system implemented in their country. But on the other hand, when asked where they would ideally like to live, 70 percent of those between 18 and 35 chose the United States or Europe.

More people around the world know about the offensive remarks made by Trump who tweets. That is why this election campaign has undermined America’s plan to promote democracy abroad, through persuasion or by force. If Trump becomes the President, America’s public diplomacy campaigns will become even less credible.

The press and the media in Egypt have come under widespread scrutiny in recent times, against a backdrop of press institutions increasingly coming under attack.  More and more, media professionals have been accused of not conveying news and information to the public in a professional manner, and of not publishing accurate, credible opinions.

Xi Jinping’s three-day stopover in Prague on his way to Washington [...] Xi’s visit to the Czech Republic deserves some attention as it indicates Beijing’s approach towards the EU in general. It also offers insight into the limits of Beijing’s soft power, relying mostly on economic incentives and undermined by its own sense of insecurity.

The United States has always believed that our best ambassadors are the American people themselves [...] It’s people-to-people diplomacy; nothing may epitomize its modern manifestation more than the way Airbnb has succeeded in connecting tourists with hosts on the island.