To stem vitriolic online displays of hate and prejudice, Universiti Malaya lecturer Lyana Khairuddin called upon fellow social media users to take a step back and propagate kindness, volunteerism and rational discussion.

The minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, said Wednesday that the presence of Angola at 56th edition of the International Venice Biennale of Art is crucial to a functional cultural diplomacy characterised by cultural exchange, debate and fruitful dialogue with counterparts across the world.

China has grown rapidly in influence and ability to act in the international arena. That means it faces bigger, tougher and ever more urgent challenges. Therefore, there is a growing need for more high quality think tanks which can offer solutions to these challenges by mining the wisdom in the broader society.

Indian and Chinese officials concluded talks in Beijing earlier this month that covered a host of issues, including the establishment of new confidence building methods, joint efforts on humanitarian disasters at sea, as well as four additional points of emergency interaction between border personnel in the Ladakh region, at Track Junction, Panging Tso Lake, Demchock and Chumar.(...)Apart from its economic implications, the OBOR initiative clearly seeks to strengthen China’s regional influence, while aspiring to connect China with Africa and Europe by road, sea and rail. 

Enjoying steady bilateral relations since diplomatic ties were established after the Vietnam War in 1976, the Philippines and Vietnam are now engaging in high-level dialogues to try to establish a strategic partnership.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is staging the first ever Diplomatic Week aimed at fostering closer ties between the Diplomatic and Consular Corp and The Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

November 4, 2013

There were high expectations after President Obama and Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, talked on the phone in late September. Those hoping for a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff were excited that a breakthrough was imminent; meanwhile, some American allies, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, expressed deep skepticism over a potential American rapprochement with Iran.

US Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Tara Sonenshine will travel to Qatar to attend the annual US-Islamic World Forum, the State Department announced in a statement on Friday.