diplomatic relations

When the world’s nations sit down to talk nowadays, there is a distinct difference to the way diplomacy is done. Influence is no longer defined only by special relationships and old alliances, but which WhatsApp group you are invited into. The rise of WhatsApp diplomacy is transforming the negotiating chamber. 

Just as American citizens are on the edge of their seats over the results, so too are international leaders, such as Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose relationships with the United States will be profoundly affected by the election’s outcome. The campaign raises a fundamental question for Chinese officials: Would they prefer the next U.S. president to be predictable or a wildcard? 

Highlights of their bilateral ties can be seen in politics, trade and education, she added, noting that joint education programmes have produced positive outcomes. The event is part of a series of cultural and academic exchanges between Vietnam and the Philippines in celebration of 40 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Federal Republic participated with paramedics in the UNTAC mission (1991-1993): For the first time since the end of World War II, German soldiers were on a military operation abroad. On October 3, 1993, full diplomatic relations were re-established. Until the 1990s, both states had a rather aloof relationship – a fact that finally emerged as a huge advantage.

So as not to miss any stitches in the fabric of international relations, leaders attach extra importance to what they wear during diplomatic talks, adhering to the unspoken rules of what is known as ‘fashion diplomacy'. [...] Would you be surprised, if I claimed that the dress the Queen was wearing during a State Banquet was more telling in terms of diplomacy than other political procedures? ​

More than half of Russians (57%) believe the outcome of the US presidential election is important, with one in three (35%) certain that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s win would better match Russia’s national interests, as follows from the results of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, published on the organization’s website.

The German ambassador to Bahrain wanted to do something special for the German National Unity reception. [...] He came back, jazz guitar in hand, to join the “Jazzabilly band” in a few songs. The audience was thrilled. Simms-Protz has always professed his belief that music and art are instrumental tools for bringing people together — especially the youth.

Barring some unspeakable disaster, Mr. Trump will not be our next President.  Instead, we’ll be working on how to repair the damage to our country’s international image and reputation. Allies and partners around the world—those whom Trump called “freeloaders”—will need to be reassured that America’s commitments remain intact.