The United Arab Emirates isn't a country you'd typically associate with hip-hop. It's a place that is generally bereft of the cultural signifiers native to the dark, dank locales where rap was birthed—Illmatic, for instance, probably wouldn't have been the same album if it was about the struggle of going $40 million over budget on your new artificial archipelago instead of the fight out of inner-city poverty.

CPD Director Jay Wang was one of a group of academic experts invited to speak at the Dubai Expo 2020 Theme Symposium held on October 22-24.

The Gulf emirate of Dubai Announced Monday an ambitious plan to Establish itself as the main global center for Islam-compliant products and services within three years. The glitzy city-state, Which has alreadycreated Established itself as a global hub for air transport and transit trade, as well as a regional financial center, is hoping to be the pivot of the large and widespread Islamic economy.

Expo 2020 would significantly boost Dubai’s image in the international job market as a destination for talented professionals if the emirate is successful in his bid, Hany Mwafy, Managing Director at Brand Finance Middle East said. Brand Finance is an independent valuation firm that assesses the value of brands and recently released a study that said the UAE brand value would increase by $8 billion (Dh29.4 billion) if Dubai is successful in its bid later this year.

Skyscrapers are a lot like cadillacs for countries and designers. They’re nice to look at, but they’re also there to impress the neighbors. The bigger and shinier the building, the more important and capable a nation or developer can claim to be. (“Don’t think we’re a serious investment destination, eh? Have you noticed that tower can be seen from Mars?”).

“I quit my Job in Dubai two years ago and moved to Riyadh… May I rest in peace” Saudi comedian Mohammad Bazaid quipped in a Saudi-only stand-up show held on Friday in Dubai. The first Saudi-only comedy show in the region featured prominent names from the kingdom’s comedic community who performed in front of a diverse audience. Funny-men Yasser Baker, Mohammad Bazaid and Thamer al-Meshari hosted the show which was the last of a series held during August.

August 26, 2013

Before traveling to Oman on the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Program, Dylan Hoey had never left the United States. Yet through this YES Abroad experience, Dylan proved he could not only live in another country but thrive there. “I think what I’ve taken from Oman is a newfound sense of confidence,” says Dylan. “I have a clearer sense of what I want to do in my life, what I want to achieve career-wise, and what truly makes me happy.

Syria cannot be allowed to fester indefinitely. Even decimated Al Qaeda and Hezbollah forces will regenerate and resume their murderous ways. Further, the economies of states in the region, already unsettled by the uprisings of 2011, will need massive outside assistance if they are to be revived.