east africa

A new digital platform is set to revolutionize how farmers get their goods to market in East Africa. [...] 2KUZE, which means “Let’s Grow Together” in Swahili, is a mobile-to-mobile platform that will help farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania find buyers and streamline the system of selling produce.

Three countries can now jointly market their tourism products online with the launch of the first joint East African destination portal, visiteastafrica.org. Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) CEO Betty Radier joined top tourism officials from Uganda and Rwanda in unveiling the platform at the Pearl of Africa Trade Expo held in Uganda at the weekend, a KTB statement issued on Sunday said. 

Chinese media company StarTimes on Wednesday launched a satellite digital television project in Kenya as part of its long-term agenda to bridge rural-urban information gap in the East African nation. According to StarTimes, the southwestern Kenyan county of Kajiado will pilot the project that has given over 120 households in Saina Village free access to the StarTimes digital television service. 

The United States values our multifaceted partnership with Kenya and that is why we continue to support its efforts to counter violent extremism and terrorism. Just this year, the State Department and USAID started implementing $7.5 million to support the efforts to the Counterterrorism Partnership Fund in Kenya. T

The Global Center for Sport Diplomacy, [...] is focused on using sports to connect people and empower them with confidence, health and wellness, and visibility. "For women and girls in particular, sport can build confidence, and for those with disabilities it can do that and more," Mushett said.

For Nairobi’s commuters, summer has brought more woes than usual. [...] there has been an almost weekly shutdown as foreign VIPs fly in. [...] an increasing number are from the Middle East, their visits underlining a dramatic twist in the centuries-old battle between foreign powers for influence, trade, resources and military assets in a strategically sensitive part of the world.

Kenya has recently enhanced its "soft power hegemony" through its economic diplomacy, defined as the strategic use of wide-ranging economic tools and opportunities available to the state to achieve its national interest. Since 2013, Kenya has projected its soft power through economic diplomacy, in turn, transforming the country into 'a global soft power'.

From yesterday, the 10th edition of the East African Military Games are underway in Kigali under the theme 'One people, one destiny'. The Military Games and Cultural Events bring together over 500 soldiers from EAC member states to compete in a wide range sporting events and cultural shows. [...] The objective of the Military Games is to contribute in building confidence, friendship, cooperation