The Festival of Embassies is an instrument of public diplomacy where ambassadors promote culture, gastronomy and music.

Can a building that meets rigorous security standards also be beautiful, and if so, at what cost? Modern embassy design revolves around this question. [...] Yet embassies aren't just meant to shield Foreign Service officers from harm. They are also the face the United States presents to the world. For many people, it's the first point of contact with its government, and a visual key to American values.

“Winning the People’s Choice Award is a nod to the world-class quality of our cuisine, its strong appeal to international palates, and of course, to the talent of Chef Claude and Enzo. With this achievement, we hope to bring our culinary diplomacy to even greater heights,”said Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.

The May 2016 edition of Bruce Gregory's public diplomacy reading list is now available. 

The Egyptian Embassy in Washington launched the 2016 public diplomacy campaign to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the inception of parliamentary life in Egypt.