The documents show that the United States conducted a broad-based multilateral diplomacy to address the crisis and that U.S. diplomats were active participants in the development of the International Energy Agency’s program of energy cooperation.

Mongolia’s coal resources have thrust the world’s least densely populated country into the midst of geopolitical diplomacy. Dealing with the current coking coal market downturn is just one concern for Mongolia’s national coal mining company, Mongolian Mining (MMC) (HKEX:0975).

Romania ranks 15th in a world top on soft power, an indicator measuring the ability of a state to influence the actions of others through persuasion or attraction, rather than coercion, by means of values like culture, personalities, institutions and policies, according to a study made by the audit and consulting company Ernst&Young

April 23, 2012

Energy diplomacy is key to our national security, not only in terms of securing the energy supplies that the United States needs at an affordable cost, but understanding the role that energy plays in nearly every other relationship we have in every region of the world.

At 36-pages in length, the survey covers everything from the nation’s economy, society and transport to culture, architecture, agriculture, retail and urbanism..."The nation is a pioneer of sustainable energy and a world leader in architecture and urban planning..."

The meeting is a symbol of Japan’s increasing involvement in the Eurasian region, which has occurred through various means such as trade, defence initiatives and implementations of soft power.

What does it mean that China's has become a global force? And more importantly, how have they actually accomplished that?
The quick answer? Through business dealings rather than military alliances, and a superb infographic from the Heritage Foundation offers a rarely seen snapshot of that.