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This shows that the EU as a guiding framework is particularly successful if it offers the chance of a better future through the possibility of membership. Europe's soft power stems... is a more attractive message than that of mass murderer Mladic after all.

...over 120 Chinese students took part in a special educational exchange with local government and community leaders and European students in the famous port city of Antwerp, Belgium to commemorate EU Youth Week and the "EU-China Year of Youth".

"We must open up our cultural products such as literature, film, music and heritage. Creators can be inspired by exchanging experiences and working together. This is why I call for the creation of a cultural visa", Marietje Schaake, a Dutch liberal MEP

The EU needs to add more culture to its diplomatic efforts to promote human rights, democracy and development in third countries, says a Parliament resolution. MEPs advocate setting up a "cultural diplomacy" directorate to take charge of cultural relations and promoting European culture.

Ahead of a vote in plenary Thursday, the Dutch Liberal draftswoman of the report on "the cultural dimensions of EU's external actions", Marietje Schaake explained what cultural diplomacy is and how European culture can help spread democratic values around the world.

Ireland and Germany have an excellent relationship within the common home of the European Union, the Minister for Education said today, while opening a conference on contemporary German-Irish cultural relations.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi issued a joint statement calling on the European Commission to “examine the possibility of temporarily establishing internal border controls in the case of exceptional difficulties" in response to an influx of migrants from North Africa. This would be a fairly major adjustment to one of the EU's signature achievements, the Schengen Agreement, which grants free passage accross borders within the union.

Whether to attend the British royal wedding or the beatification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican? That's one decision the EU's top brass won’t have to make this weekend since the British royal family has simply snubbed all EU politicians when it comes to invitations to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.