The celebrations that took place last week on the sixty fifth anniversary of the establishment of Pakistan-Chinese relationship were again marked by lack of events that signified Chinese soft power.


A woman named Ghoson, sitting in front of a dark gray backdrop, begins to cry. Behind the film set, where she agreed to tell her story, awaits the refugee camp in Leros, Greece, that she is squatting in, biding her time until she will try to make her way further into Europe. [...] These visceral snippets of suffering and heartache are some of the stories chronicled in “Refuge,” a documentary film released Wednesday by production company Magna Carta.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has partnered with FilmAid International to roll out a screenings program for "He Named Me Malala" in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. The two month outreach campaign and screening series, which commenced in April, aims to leverage the power of Malala’s story to inspire and empower girls and parents to value and champion education in their homes and communities.

The UAE's connectivity, world-class infrastructure and diverse locations have set it apart as a leading movie production destination, and the country is playing an increasingly important role as a key part of the production value chain. It offers a competitive advantage to production companies with unique and diverse locations.

April 21, 2016