foreign intelligence

A hand touching VR buttons about education by Funtap via Canva

CPD Blog contributors Jorge Marinho and Júlio Ventura discuss the situations of foreign influence, interference and espionage in higher education institutes and suggest countermeasures.

It is now another “defining moment” and “decisive action” is around the corner. Those killed in Karachi are gone and there is no consolation for their loved ones. There is no consolation for anyone. We are being told that foreign intelligence agencies are responsible for this round of murder and mayhem. We have no information to accept or reject it. [...] Yet, there are questions. 

The number of requests for Twitter user data from governments around the world continued to grow in the first half of 2013, the microblogging service said in its semiannual transparency report, released Wednesday. Overall, Twitter said, it received 1,157 requests for data covering 1,697 users, and it turned over at least some data in 55 percent of the cases. The number of requests was up about 15 percent from the last six months of 2012, the company said.