foreign investment

More foreign direct investment flowed into China than the US in 2014, bumping the US off the top spot for investment in the world, a position it has held since 2003.

Israel may be facing increasing isolation, yet all the world seems to want to buy or invest in an Israel tech company – Microsoft, Dropbox, the Russians, the Chinese.

The development of a positive new brand is aimed at bringing more business and people to the country, promote its tourism sector and cultural institutions, and generally highlight everything Luxembourg has to offer.

Cultural exchanges are flourishing, with theater, classical and popular music groups, as well as dance troupes, bringing their art to audiences in both countries, and piano master-classes being held for young Israeli and Chinese children, further cementing the friendship.

Government is willing and ready to engage investors and international partners to drive the economic development agenda of the country, a Ministry of Finance and Economic Development official has said.

Britain launched its largest trade mission to Egypt in over a decade on Tuesday, involving more than 40 companies from the top foreign investor in the Arab world's most populous country.

Iran's President Hassan Rowhani said Sunday that foreign investors should no longer be viewed as a threat and signaled his country's decades-long isolation from the world economy could soon end.

Through the Learning project, the American people are investing $71 million to support Ghana’s educational institutions over five years to improve, expand, and sustain learning outcomes for at least 2.8 million primary school pupils nationwide, with an emphasis on children in kindergarten through grade three.