foreign ministry

How to raise the bar for Canada’s foreign service? Daryl Copeland offers advice to ensure a more capable group of representatives abroad and an improved foreign ministry at home.

February 4, 2016

 The Foreign Ministry has become just one more office that engages in public diplomacy. This must be frustrating for the idealistic and motivated Foreign Ministry diplomats based in Israel and abroad who chose the diplomatic calling out a desire to serve and defend the state against the propaganda spewed by a host of countries, non-state actors, terrorist groups, Islamists, and BDS activists. These are people who received training in the art of diplomacy and are therefore the best qualified to take up Israel’s case abroad.

Iran’s Javad Zarif has told a meeting of Foreign Ministry media and public diplomacy constitute an important component of power in today’s world.

Trudeau said he and his cabinet will rely on the diplomats' assessments and first-hand knowledge to advance Canada's foreign policy agenda.[...] "And so sending this letter to our ambassadors and high commissioners -- and essentially giving them freedom to do public diplomacy like the rest of the world -- is very positive sign."

The Foreign Ministry has been called on to advance its diplomatic role in promoting Islam as a tolerant religion amid growing global concern over the Islamic State (IS) organisation, which has sparked hate crimes against Muslims.  The country's soft approach has been said to have contributed to false perceptions of Islam, which holds the basic value of rahmatan lil alamin (grace for all people).