global development goals

The United Nations is undertaking a process to develop a set of sustainable development goals that will be used to target international development assistance during the post-Millennium Development Goal period of 2015–2030.

New global development goals now under negotiation will not help combat climate change and poverty without the political will to implement them – and creating that requires pressure from the grassroots, experts said this week.  Kenya, for instance, has made impressive progress toward adopting renewable energy.

As we mark International Literacy Day, it is an opportune time to highlight the importance of literacy and the challenges ahead in promoting global literacy. The statics are shocking and reinforce the urgency behind today's significance. According to the World Literacy Foundation, an estimated 67 million children still do not have access to primary school education.

"In a world where more have access to mobile phones than toilets, people expect to participate in shaping public policies.”

The United Nations launched a new public diplomacy initiative that aims to change how decisions are made about world affairs.