Wyclef you're making a big mistake. Running for president of Haiti is a bad idea. Bad for you and bad for Haiti.

The Haitian-born singer, Wyclef Jean, is set to announce that he will stand for election as president of Haiti.

Wyclef Jean is considering running for president against his politician uncle, although some observers are skeptical if the earthquake-ravaged country is even capable of holding elections this year.

The technologies that came to the fore in Haiti are not new. They include everyday technologies -- mobile phones, online mapping tools, GPS, and social networking. What is new is their use in the humanitarian context at the scale seen in the global response to Haiti's catastrophic quake.

Haitians love Brazilian soccer like almost nothing else, a half-century-old histoire d'amour that even smoothed the way for Brazil-led U.N. peacekeepers to help quell political unrest in 2004. With Haitians badly needing a release from tension and misery of the post-quake year, the 2010 Cup and Selecao mean more than ever.

Haitian artists and cultural professionals have been conducting informal salvage operations for the past four months. But the Americans are bringing conservation expertise — there are few if any professionally trained art conservators in Haiti — and special equipment, much of it paid for by private money.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama has arrived in Haiti for a brief visit, three months after an earthquake devastated the Caribbean country. A Haitian government official tells VOA she will meet with Haitian President Rene Preval and then visit a children's hospital during the previously unannounced trip.

Colombian pop star Shakira has met child survivors of Haiti's earthquake as her charity prepares to build a school in the disaster-stricken Caribbean country.The singer has already joined Hollywood actors and other global celebrities to raise funds for the victims of the January 12 earthquake.