humanitarian assistance

Ottawa is providing $5-million in new humanitarian assistance for the victims of the ongoing crisis in Iraq, vowing to come to the help of displaced civilians and religious minorities.  “Canada continues to stand by the people of Iraq in these difficult times and condemns the terrorist actions of ISIS and the killing of innocent civilians in northern Iraq in the strongest possible terms," International Development Minister Christian Paradis said in a statement on Sunday.

The Chinese government released its second-ever white paper, outlining its foreign assistance from 2010-2012. As the country continues to make itself an international development player, the new details about how it spent is money gives a better understanding into the country’s goals.

The consequences of the political warfare between the AKP government and the Gulen movement have been thus far discussed widely across the academic and media circles. However, its possible impact on Turkey’s humanitarian diplomacy, which has recently been one of the most highlighted tenets of its foreign policy, is a question yet to be discussed.

At the heart of Séverine Autesserre’s new book is a conundrum: If international peacebuilders are well-meaning people versed in the latest approaches to conflict resolution, why do their efforts so often come up short? Unsatisfied with the usual explanations (such as a lack of funding and resources from powerful states), Autesserre embarked on an ambitious project to interview hundreds of UN officials, NGO workers, and local staff in conflict zones around the world in order to study “the everyday” :  their daily work routines, their standard security procedures, and even their social habits

The U.S. Agency for International Development, with help from National Security Advisor Susan Rice, announced Thursday a new “multi-sectoral nutrition strategy” which aims to reduce by 2 million over five years the number of chronically malnourished and “stunted” children worldwide and also to keep acute malnutrition below 15 percent in places experiencing humanitarian crisis.