Teaming up with the Gates Foundation isn't just a charitable move on the part of the Chinese government. The partnership is a perfect example of soft power--the spreading of influence through propaganda, public works, and cultural prestige.

The most innovative thing about the Department of State’s “Apps4Africa” public diplomacy project isn’t the immediate outcome—small cash prizes for the best mobile phone applications—but the process.

Officially, the ‘i’ stood for “Internet”. To many, it also represented the product’s focus as a personal device — ‘i’ for “individual”. The ‘i’ can also stand for innovative, iconoclastic and ‘insanely great’, a favourite phrase of Jobs’ to describe his products. And, we might add: impatient, impetuous and irreverent. All attributes that made Jobs a culture-changing force, and a fine example of American soft power in action.

August 12, 2011

For long, India in the imagination of the world remained the land of the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho temples...Innovation, seen as a core dimension of economic change, was not a word associated with India. A newly published coffee table book titled “The India Idea”, challenges this viewpoint.

Vibrant science and technology (S&T) enterprises form the basis of U.S.-India economic growth and strengthen our strategic partnership. While governments play a role in enabling joint S&T activities, active and innovative collaboration in S&T, health, and innovation relies on the efforts of businesses, scientists and institutions in both countries.

During her visit to Los Angeles, Coordinator McCall will visit the University of Southern California’s Stevens Institute for Innovation, Center for Public Diplomacy, and Annenberg Innovation Lab to meet leading thinkers and directors who are creating web and mobile applications at the intersection of entertainment, gaming, technology, and academia.

The US government has launched a major new initiative to link its aid agency USAID to the private and entrepreneurial sectors in a bid to promote technological innovation in the developing world.

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One Simple Mission: A New Beginning

If there ever were a time for a new beginning in this country, it is now. The recession is still very much with us. Global crises and disasters compound daily. Our national attention is consumed with political candidates on both sides of the aisle who seem to have completely lost their minds. And yet amidst the absurdities, there are signs of real hope and cause for optimism.