international organizations

Earlier this week, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to take action. So did 51 U.S. firms in a display of true corporate leadership because, simply put, a crisis of this scale requires all hands on deck --governments, foundations, international organizations, and, yes, the private sector.

Participants build an electrical circuit based on a button battery during the recent WiSci camp in Peru [...] The camp is designed to expose the girls to a range of careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) fields, while the simulation exposed them to another very important option that could use more women with science and technical backgrounds: public service and diplomacy.

The ongoing conflict in South Sudan is straining relations between the government and international organizations trying to assist millions in need.  There are attempts to rein in the NGOs and agencies that are pushing the boundaries and testing a government trying to take control of a country in crisis.

AS Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia head to the polls this year and the next, it is interesting to note that discussion on foreign policy is almost absent in the local campaigns we are witnessing. This is symptomatic of the elections in Southeast Asia as a whole, and has been the case for decades, in fact. It may also signal the recognition that as relatively young states, the countries of the Asean region recognise that as single entities their foreign policies may not have an impact wider than the region they inhabit.

Mashaba, who is an aspirant Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency, says people here view UDC as the only alternative instrument of change and believes he will win the elections because people, especially the youth, are ready for change. "Never in the history of this town have I seen its citizens so enthusiastic about their role in nation building and politics," he says. "They are driven by a desire to work as a collective."