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...I think it's a very interesting question because the Chinese have opened these organizations called Confucius Institutes... And part of the agenda of the Confucius Institute is to push the learning of Chinese language. They have seen - and not unrelated to our previous questions - they have seen their development, especially their military growth, is scaring people.

June 3, 2011

I’ve been thinking about the range of theories of influence at work in the Public Diplomacy field so I was interested to see that Organizational Research Services, a Washington state evaluation consultancy, have put out a briefing note Pathways to Change...

Against the backdrop of India's growing global stature, the external affairs ministry is now compiling a list of Indian experts in international relations to enable it create an interactive platform for enriching the process of policy formulation.

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Rob Ashgar on the potential of cultural diplomacy to ease the India-Pakistan conflict.