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The New Ice Curtain: Russia's Strategic Reach to the Arctic

Experts from the Center for Strategic and International Studies discuss Russian ambitions and policy options for Russo-American Arctic relations.

Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen said Friday that he intends to reopen political dialogue with Russia, amid growing estrangement between Moscow and the E.U. Jensen said that despite rising tensions, dealing with Russia was a diplomatic necessity. “Even though Russia is a major threat, we can’t find a crane large enough to move it. Russia is situated geographically where it is and that means that we need to deal with it,” he said.

Pakistan and India have a history of holding non-starter talks which goes back to 1960s when the then foreign ministers Swaran Singh and ZA Bhutto held successive rounds of negotiations without any output. It is therefore the need of the hour that the Foreign Office, in consultation with all the stakeholders, should prepare a well defined agenda to discuss issues at the NSA level rather than discussing peripheral non-issues.

Afghanistan has summoned Pakistan's ambassador to explain fighting between the two countries' security forces that killed up to eight Afghan border police, the latest blow in ties that took a plunge this month during a surging Taliban offensive. Pakistan has condemned the recent attacks and blamed "spoilers and detractors" for trying to create mistrust between the two countries.

MIKTA – an association consisting of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, and Australia – is still a relatively new platform, having been formed in 2013, but it may now be confronted with its first real opportunity to have an impact on the global stage. 

North Korea has threatened to attack South Korean loudspeakers broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda messages across their shared - and the world's most heavily armed - border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for dialogue based on equal treatment and mutual respect with the United States on Saturday in a congratulatory message to President Barack Obama marking U.S. Independence Day. Putin said U.S.-Russian relations remained important for solving global crises.