Headlines explore advocacy on behalf of the International Criminal Court, Climate Change, and Women's Education.

The court’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute, was adopted on July 17, 1998. A year of activities leading up to the 20th anniversary in 2018 presents an opportunity to build much-needed political support for the ICC's important judicial work. [...] Backing from member countries is needed to carry out the court’s investigations, arrest warrants, and witness protection programs. Private and public diplomacy is necessary to protect the court’s independence and legitimacy from outside political pressure.

This weekend, 8th and 9th July, the Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) Centre in Central London will play host to Palestine Expo, a huge celebration of Palestinian heritage and culture. [...] They have billed the expo as the "biggest social, cultural and entertainment event on Palestine in Europe… a platform to further justice and peace in Palestine."