The nation branding project will be discontinued in October in favour of an operation to promote the country. The announcement was made by Luxembourg's Secretary of State of the Economy at the opening of Luxembourg's first event dedicated to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events) tourism.  

Hans Poppelaars is Chef and Co-Founder of Le Manoir Kasselslay. Hailing from the Netherlands, he became inspired by Luxembourg's food traditions during his family trips to the Grand Duchy when he was a child. [...] it means identity, research, quality and giving the traditions more value. It also helps with nation branding, especially since the visual is very strong from a design perspective.

What is the brand Luxembourg? This has been the question of a nation branding process lauched last year, with the first official results presented Thursday seeing the country described as reliable, dynamic and open, as well as a partner and builder of bridges.

“Luxembourg is famous for two things: its steel industry and its rose cultivation industry.” 

This was how an Italian tourist guide from the 1930s summarised the Luxembourg economy.

Pierre Gramegna, the Minister of Finance highlighted this quaint observation in a recent speech to illustrate the difficulties the country faces in its on-going nation-branding exercise. 

Not only does little Luxembourg face difficulties getting its voice heard, but the message it wants to communicate keeps changing. 

With the Luxembourg nation branding project fully underway, a panel discussion on Thursday evening showed that while the project is a chance for the country to define its own image, many questions remain yet to be answered. Hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, the nation branding event saw Tom Theves of the Economy Ministry give an update on the process so far, which has involved a survey, workshops and an online forum open to everyone to help define the values that Luxembourg wants to portray. First

The development of a positive new brand is aimed at bringing more business and people to the country, promote its tourism sector and cultural institutions, and generally highlight everything Luxembourg has to offer.