Legendary former Singaporean PM Lee Kuan Yew was way ahead of his time. He was the world’s very first Marketing Director for a country brand. He believed in the power of country marketing long before the Mad Men of Madison Avenue even thought about it.

More broadly, the assumption underlying most efforts at public diplomacy seems to be the belief that anti-Americanism around the world is a failure of marketing. If we just do a better job of selling what we do around the world ... then Pakistanis won't mind our launching drone strikes on their territory and will give us a free pass when we kill a bunch of border guards by accident.

Brand USA... declared its support for the National Travel and Tourism Strategy (the Strategy) unveiled today by the Task Force on Travel and Competitiveness, the inter-agency body formed in January by Executive Order to develop a set of policies and recommendations to promote domestic and international travel throughout the United States.

Gradual though South Africa's rise may be, Miller Matola, chief executive of Brand South Africa, which is tasked with projecting a positive image of the country, does not take it lightly. He said it was one of the reasons South Africa was entering 2012 in a "position of strength".

India is fast becoming a superpower not just through trade and politics but through its ability to share its culture with the world through food, music, technology and Bollywood, according to Dr Derek Lobo

Yao Ming is one of the few Chinese faces recognized by American audiences," said Brook Larmer, author of "Operation Yao Ming: The Chinese Sports Empire, American Big Business, and the Making of an NBA Superstar." "As much as we scoff at sports as just a game, for China it's a crucial part of its soft power diplomacy.

The State Department's public diplomacy position "isn't about marketing," according to its current occupant, former Discovery Communications CEO Judith McHale, as much as conversations and connections, often enabled by digital and social media.