How do you build a culture of evaluation? CPD Research Fellow (2016-2018) Alexander Buhmann and Erich Sommerfeldt offer their insights.

CultureSummit 2017 Abu Dhabi ended with a commitment to develop a collaborative web-based platform to foster ongoing cross-cultural conversation and the creation of metrics which can more accurately measure cultural impact. [...] have helped build new partnerships which contribute to finding innovative ways of strengthening the role culture and new technologies can play in building societies. 

Measurement and evaluation is nothing new to public diplomacy. Nicholas Cull holds that America’s public diplomats have always understood the need to move the needle. However, most historical accounts also agree that the topic has gained considerable traction since 9/11. 

Fair Weather

Alexander Buhmann on the state of public diplomacy evaluation.

June 18, 2016

The 2016 edition of the Soft Power 30 Index is now available. 

This discussion paper addresses common challenges in analyzing Twitter advocacy campaigns.

Ambassador Richard Verma Visits Twitter India Office, by U.S. Embassy New Delhi

Ilan Manor compares how different MFAs have incorporated digital diplomacy.

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