migrant workers

A Day Off (Hari Raya Korban 2017)

September 7, 2017

Amir Muhammad documents the difficult life of a Bangladeshi man working in Malaysia.

The U.S. State Department has condemned Thailand for its failure to live up to standards we set for the treatment of migrant workers.

The ministry said: "All of the actions that have been taken against the two Britons are consistent with the principles of human rights enshrined in the Constitution and the laws of the State of Qatar," according to QNA. "There is a direct contact between the Qatari Foreign Ministry and the investigating authorities with the British Embassy in Doha in this regard," the agency added. Qatar came under heavy criticism early this year over reported violations of the rights of migrants workers building 2022 World Cup projects.

Teklai Hagos says he watched in horror as Saudi Arabian police beat Ethiopian migrants protesting against the alleged kidnapping and rapes of Ethiopian women by young Saudi men. “When we said stop, then the police started hitting us,” the 30-year-old former pipe-factory worker in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, recalled in an interview in Addis Ababa.

FIFA's executive committee has met in Zurich, Switzerland to discuss whether to move the 2022 World Cup to the winter, so that footballers can avoid playing in Qatar's scorching summer heat. But the scheduling issue was overshadowed by concerns that the migrant workers building the infrastructure in the run-up to the event are being subjected to abusive labour conditions, verging on what one report called "modern-day slavery".

August 24, 2011

China also has big stakes in influencing the situation on the Korean Peninsula.... The two countries also need to strengthen public diplomacy. Anti-China and anti-Korea sentiments still linger. South Koreans need to treat Chinese well in Korea. Maltreatment of Chinese workers and students here has often been the source of their less-friendly sentiments on South Korea.