nation building

“Dawn rolling over, the clouds bring the rain, it’s time to start over, time to join hands.” These were the first lines of Kosovo’s last year’s campaign reaching out to the world. The lyrics give an idea of the country’s continuing challenges. On February 17, Kosovo celebrates the third anniversary of its independence.

Co-author: Martin Wahlisch

Three Years into Kosovo’s Independence: Further recognitions will be crucial for the country’s development

Continuing to nation-build after 2011 will be good, but security goes hand in hand with development. The Canadian government is wise to plan for a non-combat mission in Afghanistan following the 2011 military withdrawal – but should not restrict itself only to nation-building.

A conference on Somalia is being convened by the United Nations in Istanbul with the aim of showing support for the Somali people. But observers say the West's half-hearted approach is doing more harm than good.