national security

The use of cultural diplomacy in addressing global risks remains largely underutilized. In many ways, the application of cultural diplomacy practices can complement the other, more traditional ways of increasing security (military measures or increased access to intelligence), by means of exposing and challenging destructive ideologies.

The government needs to have strong universities and think thanks where thinking on national security, foreign policy and international security is done... Careers in national security for young minds should be created. Security agencies should be professionalized. The government’s interface with the public through coordinated public diplomacy must be encouraged.

Sun Tzu’s dictum ‘Know your enemy’ has great significance for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century. Whether it is the maintenance of politico-economic relationships or offensive-defensive military operations...

PDiN Monitor Editorial Staff
Sherine B. Walton, Editor-in-Chief
Naomi Leight, Managing Editor
Marissa Cruz-Enriquez, Associate Editor

Wikileaks may be a shock to the system, but it also might bring certain public diplomacy benefits.