The Consulate General of the Netherlands in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles and the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) are hosting ThinkBike Los Angeles, "a unique, bi-national bicycle promotion and design workshop." Teams of L.A. designers and community stakeholders will collaborate with the foreign experts on project proposals to meet L.A.'s needs as a growing bicycle-friendly city.

The Netherlands... became the first EU member state to enshrine in law the concept of net neutrality, the idea that there should be no hierarchy of information or services in the internet.Net neutrality is one of the hottest global regulatory issues around...

Iran's Soureh University will hold an Iranian student film week in the Netherlands in an attempt to expand cultural relations between the two countries. In a meeting held at Tehran's Art Bureau, President of Tehran's Soureh University Mohammad Roshan and the Dutch ambassador to Tehran Cees J. Kole discussed holding an Iranian student film festival in the Netherlands.

There is plenty to be said for the strong Dutch team at the World Cup in South Africa...With a long history built around their “Total Football” style of play, they’re probably the most talented nation never to win a World Cup final. But considering the Dutch role in Apartheid, would the Dutch winning in South Africa be bittersweet?

Three hundred years after their forefathers left Europe for a new life in Cape Town, some Afrikaners are lobbying the Dutch government to grant them citizenship. The descendants of the Boer settlers are looking for an exit plan. They say white people have become targets of crime with tensions rising since the murder of right-wing Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader Eugene Terreblanche last month.

Images of the Netherlands—in paintings, photographs and films—have always had a significant impact on how Americans viewed the Dutch homeland, said Calvin professor of geology, geography and environmental studies Henk Aay. Aay has recently earned a Fulbright Scholarship to live in the Netherlands, researching documentary films about that country.