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[T]the Pacific Islands Forum's leaders' summit brings together members for political discussions on deeper regional cooperation and integration. And while China has been making friends in the Pacific, Australia has been making enemies.

Taken overall, the medium and long-term reputational and economic impact of previous Olympics has frequently been overstated for host nations. However, in the midst of its current troubles, Brazil now has a significant opportunity to use the world’s largest sport event for a positive brand makeover that could produce a lasting legacy for the country.

New Zealand diplomats remain "sceptical of megaphone diplomacy'' but are increasingly making use of social media, although not in an "indiscriminate'' way. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade chief executive Dr Brook Barrington made that point in Dunedin yesterday in an opening address to more than 100 people, at the University of Otago's 51st annual foreign policy school. Dr Barrington's address was devoted to "The Art of Diplomacy in a Digital World''.

China Daily's deputy editor-in-chief Kang Bing said Fairfax Media's presence in both Australia and New Zealand "means the influence of China Daily will be spread to cover the two most important countries in Oceania", adding that China's "soft power could drive the wheel of its friendship with Australia and New Zealand", according to quotes carried by the Chinese newspaper.


The New Zealand embassy in Beijing screened “Inside Red China” this month before the start of the film fest. The movie provides a preview of Chinese life during the 1950s. China and New Zealand hope to fortify a mutual interest in cultural exchange. The country’s recent efforts come in the form of films.


When the United States or any other Western country embraces a “pivot to Asia” as a central element of its foreign policy, it must be more than a “pivot to China.” Nations such as South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and others all keep a close eye on China, but they also know that they individually and especially collectively possess enough economic and political vitality to offset some of China’s regional dominance.

Reflections on soft power in the Pacific.

NZ Rugby and brand experience company Discovery Partners are planning to open an All Blacks Experience tourism attraction in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour by late 2017 in a 50:50 joint venture. The immersive, interactive tour will feature the rugby team and help promote New Zealand, said Discovery Partners regional director Chris Atkinson.