non-state actors

The generosity of the British public in helping Pakistan's flood victims is "shaming politicians around the world", the head of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has said. Brendan Gormley, chief executive of the DEC, said the UK public was leading the way in donations, but that further funds were urgently needed.

The second annual Global Model United Nations conference, bringing together hundreds of students from more than 60 countries, wrapped up in the Malaysian capital today with a call by a senior official from the world body for greater dialogue and understanding.

American support for Israel is waning, a poll presented to senior Israeli officials in Jerusalem last week revealed. The survey was carried out by pollster and strategist Stanley Greenberg and sponsored by the American Jewish organization the Israel Project...

A visit by Chinese specialists in Tibetan studies provided an important opportunity for Chileans to understand more about Tibet, the director of the delegation said Tuesday.

Award-winning contemporary American documentary films and filmmakers are giving audiences around the world new insights into life and culture in the United States. A touring program of about 60 independently produced documentaries is traveling to almost 25 countries worldwide...

These “missionaries of the revolution” are well-received in host countries from Algeria to South Africa to Venezuela. Yet those who hail Cuba’s generosity overlook the uglier aspects of Cuba’s health diplomacy.

Pakistani-American Leadership Center, an advocacy group working on the Capitol Hill, has urged President Barack Obama to visit Pakistan during his trip to Asia in November, arguing that the U.S. leader’s expression of support for flood-hit ally this way would greatly help ties between the two nations.