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Through their music, Linaje Originarios seeks to address an issue that many indigenous cultures around the world are facing – the desire of younger generations to exchange their traditions, languages and lifestyles for life in urban areas where they have access to “modern” forms of culture, music and styles.

Australia's former prime minister and the Work singer shared the spotlight in New York City on Saturday evening local time as part of the Global Citizen Festival. Their unlikely partnership is in aid of a new Global Citizen education initiative, which was officially launched at the concert after performances by Metallica, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Kendrick Lamar and Bill Nye.

On Sept. 15, film star and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio unveiled Global Fishing Watch for the public at the US State Department’s Our Ocean 2016 conference. [...] The goal? Get the public engaged in illegal fishing, which makes up 35 percent of the global wild marine catch, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Public diplomacy — vital diplomatic outreach and person-to-person exchanges — is more important than ever as we confront the conflict and suspicions that afflict the world. In August, Professor Janet Steele took the helm of the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication (IPDGC). As the director, Steele oversees the Institute’s speaker and panel events, media training workshops for international delegations, and graduate workshops—all of which promote the greater understanding and practice of public diplomacy.

Tafoya is a personal chef who has been in the business for almost fourteen years. Right now, he is in Kathmandu for two weeks upon the invitation of US Embassy for their culinary diplomacy program. “I’m here to promote American culture by sharing my knowledge about American food,” said Tafoya. 

The European Union has launched the ‘2016-2020 Human Rights and Democracy Country Strategy’ for Papua New Guinea. [...] The priority areas are to promote a Human Rights culture in PNG society; support the ratification and implementation of Human Rights international conventions and instruments; and strengthen good governance, democracy and rule of law.

Inside the Pentagon’s 9/11 memorial chapel, built where terrorists attacked the building nearly 15 years ago, the Muslim call to prayer goes out. The man who will lead prayer, Dawud Agbere, is one of five Muslim Army chaplains. Since being stationed at the Pentagon, he leads afternoon prayer, giving fellow Muslims at work a chance to connect with their creator.

In New Jersey, an eastern US state, the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) held its 9th regional conference that was attended by Nepalis from around the world. From a small community that was trying to establish its identity and get access to dual citizenship and the opportunities accompanying it, the NRNA has grown into a larger organisation with multiple issues to deal with.